Why Desex A Kitten, & Our Procedure:

  • (PET) Kittens leave without breeding rights and leave with a spay neuter agreement within the purchase contract. Limited registration with the cat breed club is available after proof of spay / neuter at 6 mths of age is provided by the buyer.

  • Full Right kittens leave with registry papers that are OPEN for breeding or showing, so you can register future litters. Those kitties are sold with full rights at breeder’s discretion. No guarantee on end quality or breedability as an adult, other than being a healthy pet as described in our health guarantee. FULL RIGHTS KITTEN just means you paid extra for FULL rights and OPEN registration.

Getting your PET kitty fixed early is the best thing for everyone.  All (Pet) kittens are sold without FULL RIGHTS, and leave with spay / neuter agreement by buyer.  Did you know, a female cat can get pregnant as early as 4 months of age? She will continue to go in heat over and over with very little time between heats, until she is bred. She can then get pregnant again soon after giving birth to her litter. Females can have 3 litters a year. A male kitten can father a litter at the same tender age. A male kitten can eventually start spraying in your home if he does not get fixed early. Females can and do also mark their territory if not desexed. Having this information might change your mind about wanting to wait on spaying or neutering your precious pet. At this tender age a cat is not mentally or physically mature enough to be producing offspring. It can and will cause stunted growth, joint problems, and possible other issues later in life. An intact cat has a greater chance of cancers and infections of the reproductive tract. Your cat could also get into fights, be killed, or catch diseases and parasites, from other cats, from their urge to breed and defend their territory. Cats can get respiratory viruses extremely easily from other cats, even if fully vaccinated.

If they are intact they always find a way to breed… A cat that is wanting to breed can be like a ninja, bolting out your front door when it smells another cat outside. I remember when I was a teen and stayed with my sister. I slept on her couch. I woke up to growling sounds to realize there were two cats mating on my legs! A stray male got into the house and was mating with my sister’s intact female! My point is “LIFE FINDS A WAY” as they said in Jurassic Park. The best thing for your pet kitten is to get desexed as soon as possible for their mental and physical well being as well as to stop the over population of unwanted cats on the streets.

Why it is best for you to desex at 6 months of age and not earlier or later:  A kitten that gets the surgery too early can have issues with urinary tract as well as joint issues. Not to mention a kitten getting fixed at the tender age of 2 or 3 months can actually cause trauma for your pet that changes his / her personality and causes it to be harder to bond with a human. We decided to allow buyer to recive kitten first, so they can bond and kitten can get comfortable in its new home first. Making for a completely positive introduction experience into your home for those first few critical bonding months. You also don’t want to wait too long, opening your pet up to an unwanted pregnancy or disease. Getting your pet desexed at 6 mths ofa ge is the perfect time to do so.

Full Rights: A kitten that is approved for full rights will come intact. If you decide later on you will not breed your cat, please desex your cat to keep from getting sicknesses and infections that intact pets are more prone to, as well as helping the over population of feral cats.

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