Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our adults are imported from European Catteries or are of those lines, that breed for extra-large sized, premium quality, health tested cats. I looked here in the US but there were so little breeders that actually had large sizes and the quality and look I was after, so I looked overseas where they breed bigger and, in my opinion, better Maine Coons. Many registered MC here in the US are smaller body sized and have smaller faces, rounder ears with less or no lynx tips, but are also much cheaper. You get what you pay for. I only breed health tested, extra-large cats with the big head and square, lower set muzzle and extra-long tail with lots of furnishings. I am trying to always go for a large cat Lion or Tiger look but still sticking to the breed standard. I have no doubt our large sized adults could show and win many titles in the show ring if I was wanting to go that route. I have shown Champion Giant Schnauzer dogs in the past and I’m not against showing, I just feel it’s not the time in my life for it now. So I gladly can offer kittens from fully health tested parents to those who want to do it themselves. Most of our kittens go to be family pets but ours are the quality for whatever your end goal is. All kittens are sold with a spay / neuter contract, breeding is only if approved for breeding rights by us.  We give up to a 5 year health guarantee, this is unheard of from breeders, but we feel you should have a long lived pet from us, and if not, we will give you another kitten, (*read HEALTH GUARANTEE page for full details).

First, I would say MAKE SURE parents are health tested on hips along with other breed health testing. That should be your first consideration in your search when looking at larger cats. Looks: You can look at a kitten and see it’s bone structure is thicker than a mere house cat.

This photo shows very well the 6 wk and 6 yr view of a black smoke of larger size. Look at the wide, lower set muzzle, big give away of the larger coon. For more size info visit our MAINE COON SIZE page of our site.

You very well can, and after shipping it would probably cost just a tad more than getting one of our kittens. You should know however, there are some risks from buying overseas. The risk may not be worth it if you’re wanting a pet and are not willing to take the risks and possible money loss us breeders can take, in a more business type transaction. Here are some things to consider: If from overseas there is no way to visit and see the actual parents in person. Breeder may not do the health testing needed for this breed on every breeding cat. There is a language barrier that can cause you to receive a different pet than you wanted or having qualities or faults you did not know the kitten had. (I paid for a female before and was sent a male because an issue with language communication). There is stress in importing any animal into the US. You have to have a broker here, and the paper work has to be perfect that your kitten is sent here with or customs can reject your pet entrance to the U.S., and then the kitten is without a country and has to be euthanized at that point at the airport by a vet they bring in to do that. If you have a health issue with your kitten and want a replacement, most overseas breeders tell you to send it back to them which is a hassle as to getting export health certificate and setting up sending the animal back and still could have issues with shipping back to another country. Then that breeder will tell you to pay for shipping for the replacement kitten… So most people are not ok with the hassle, extra cost, and the issues that can arise from buying overseas. Us breeders know we may buy a kitten for breeding and it may not end up quality we want to breed, so we go into it knowing there could be a business loss. We can offset that loss when we do our taxes, but a person buying a pet is just out all the money.

Female cats are pregnant for 63-65 days… When a new litter is born, we post it on our website. You can do a weekly check on our website if you like. Please do not call me every week to see if a litter is born. If you place a $500 nonrefundable deposit you go on our deposit list and will get an emailed litter notification when a litter is born. Kittens are chosen at 4 to 6 wks of age. Sometimes a kitten may not make it. They are delicate while newborn and anything can happen…

$2000 to $4500 as pet, if you are wanting breeding rights and are approved for it the kitten is $5000 to $6000. Pricing is not set until kittens are 4 wks old and is decided by many factors but in general Kittens that are Smoke are $3500 to $4500 as pet or $6000 breeding rights. Other colors MAYBE less. If a kitten is older, and still available, I may drop price.

  • 2 FVRCP Vaccines
  • FELV/FIV Test
  • Pyrantel deworming
  • Litter Fecal Cytology
  • Microchip – remember to register it online when you receive your kitten. Info is on the kitten’s health paper to tell you how to do that. Contact info on chip is blank until you register it.
  • If bought as pet: Neutered/Spayed before leaving us.
  • Litter Vet Check before leaving us.
  • Registration Paperwork – limited unless approved for full.
  • 5 year Health Guarantee which is longer than you will find anywhere*
  • Sample food
  • Blanket or toy with litter scent on it – may not be available if flying cargo.
  • Copy of all Health Records

Yes, if you are approved, we can offer you a kitten that has full registration status. You will be handed your full registration kitten application when you receive your kitten or soon after.

If you are getting kitten as a pet and not wanting full rights to breed or show: TICA registry has a code of ethics that states a kitten purchased as a pet MUST be neutered/spayed before you hand over the limited registration papers. So as soon as you show proof of spay / neuter we can send you your registration to register your kitten with TICA if wanted.

Please read paragraph above. Pet kittens leave with a contract stating the new owner will get kitten spayed/neutered before a yr if alone, or at 6 mths if in a multi cat home. Every local vet I found said spaying before 5 mths can cause urinary issues and so they WILL NOT do it before this age. Don’t buy a kitten that has been fixed too early in life.

Yes, we work by deposit list first. Then will open litter to public after those on list get a chance to choose a kitten, or choose to wait for future litter. You can see our current waitlist on the KITTEN page of our site. Keep in mind many like to wait for certain colors or want to wait because the time isn’t right for them, so even if there are several ahead of you, we may still get to you sooner than you think.

No, if any kittens are not reserved by the waitlist, they then will be offered to the public on our website.

Yes, It is part of the Deposit form. Fill out deposit form and then answer the questions. If we do not approve it we will refund your payment. Very rarely is anyone not approved. I just want to make sure our kitties are not going to an unsafe environment. If you pay in person, we will ask you to fill out the online form that very day. Form must be filled out since it is our purchase contract.

There is a $500 nonrefundable deposit required to be placed on our waitlist, if you choose that option. Which of course goes towards the total adoption cost of a kitten. Waitlist positions are given in the order the deposit is received. Please message me before sending a waitlist deposit. And again, after it is sent so I can make sure it was received. Please don’t get discouraged if you find that your position on our waitlist is far from the top. The person or persons above you could choose to pass which would allow you to choose sooner. I will only keep a handful on my waitlist because you never know how many kittens there will be born, and colors, and sexes can vary.

If you are on the waitlist-
Once the kittens are 4-6 weeks old the people on the waitlist will pick their kitten in the order of the list. You do have the option to pass if you are not interested in a kitten from the current litter. If you choose to pass you move up on the waitlist. If you pick a kitten, remaining amount owed is due at that time, if shipping is required. If picking up in person when kitten is ready to leave at 12 wks of age, please bring CASH only.

If shipping: I am NOT going to beg people to finish paying. You need to be ready to pay IN FULL when you choose your kitten at 4-6 wks of age. If you have not finished paying by the time your kitten is 7 wks old I will offer the kitten to next person and you will NOT get your $500 deposit back.

If you are not on the waitlist-
If the waitlist does not fill up or potential adopters choose to pass and there are still kittens available, they will then be offered to the public. To secure a kitten at that time will be payment in full if shipping or $500 deposit if picking up in person. Rest in CASH only at pick up.

The total deposit to reserve a kitten is $500. This can be paid using Cash, Zelle, Paypal friends and family, bank wire, or a mailed personal check. Checks mailed need to be mailed with a tracking number and overnighted so I get it next day. PUT NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED so they will leave it at my front door. I do not hold kittens until payment is received. If kitten is an older kitten then check will not work since it can take 2 wks to clear bank and kitten cannot leave us until payment clears.

We try to update kitten pictures every 2 weeks. Please take into consideration we are human , sometimes a kitten may not cooperate or life happens and we miss an update. Pics will be uploaded to the site as we take them. So no need to contact us for more photos. You can see them on site as we take them. If you are extremely interested in an older kitten that is AVAILABLE and is over 5 wks of age, and want us to take a video or photo with a piece of paper with your name on it, showing we are not a scammer, then we will happily do that for you.

Yes, if two kittens are bought from the same litter, we will give a $200 discount (if limited papers). We also give a $100 discount to returning adopters, (if limited papers). No discount on kittens sold with full registration for possible breeding. Any kitten that has had price reduced for any reason does not qualify for the above discounts.

Kittens typically are able to go home at 12 weeks of age. They may stay longer if I feel they need it. Their health is of utmost importance to me. I will tell you the pick up days when you choose your kitten. You will make an appointment for pick up at that time. Or if shipping we will give an approximate shipping date.

We are located in Garden City, Missouri. I do not put my address online. You will need to text or call for that.

We are a closed cattery. Bio secure… I do understand people that NEED to see their kitten before placing any payment. In that case you can come and see kitten “outside,” but CAN NOT touch or even get too close to the kitten because there are just too many diseases and parasites that can be on you that could kill a fragile younger aged kitten. I can also bring mom and dad outside for a quick appearance. Again, you will not be allowed to come close or touch them. This will be a quick 15 minute or less visit so you can see we are legit and then you will need to leave. This will be a one time only visit, until kitten is ready to leave. I do not allow anyone that is just wanting to see what these cats look like to come visit, you MUST be interested in placing a deposit or please do not waste my time. Read next question below on list for visiting procedure.

Yes, we do both… It is preferred that you pick up in person. You should set up a pick up appointment when you choose your kitten. We can also meet you at MCI-Kansas City International airport for $120 which includes vet health certificate you may be asked for by the airline. I can also find a ground transport to bring your kitten to your door. That is usually $650. My family can bring you your kitten as well with our WHITE GLOVE SERVICE and that cost starts at $650 and depends on where you live. Shipping via air cargo is around $450 to $650 cost but could stress your kitten out. Any responsibility is on the buyer if anything goes wrong with shipping so most buyers like to just pick up in person. If you come to our farm, you must not bring any animals with you. We are a CLOSED cattery with strict bio security. You will be outside the entire visit so wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather. We have protective dogs on our property so please stay in your car and text when you arrive and we will come out to you. We can then sit at an outside table and go over your paperwork and you can play with your kitten. No one outside our family is allowed to touch our kittens before they are ready to leave. I do understand people that NEED to see their kitten before placing any payment. In that case you can come and see your kitten outside but CAN NOT touch or even get too close to the kitten because there are just too many diseases or parasites that can be on you that could kill a tiny kitten. No stranger should touch any kitten before they are 10 wks old and vaccines have had time to start working. Even a 12 wk old kitten can get a disease that they are vaccinated for since it takes many months for their bodies to build up enough antibodies to protect them. We do not guarantee against such illnesses once kitten leaves, so be careful where you take your new kitten.

If picking your kitten up in person I will take a photo of you with your kitten and of your ID showing you received your kitten in person from us. This proves the kitten was transferred directly to you. Person picking up must be on any payment you send and on the contract form page you fill out as you or your representative.

If you have not made arrangements with us to pick up your kitten at 12 wks of age, or if you miss your pickup appointment, and do not make further arrangements before or on that very day, I will offer kitten to next in line, and you will NOT get your deposit back. This is not a kennel or lay-away. You come get your kitten when he/she is ready, and you should have told us weeks in advance what day and time you will be here.

Yes, all of our Adult Breeding Candidates have had a Feline DNA Panel by Optimal Selection. This test for over 40+ genetic disorders. Results are available for viewing by request. We only breed those with passing results and do not breed carrier to carrier in any instance.

Test can be seen at:

Cat’s are different than dogs in this area. With dogs you need to give them a rest between litters because big litters cause loss of body condition, but many female cats actually loose condition when they have gone through long heats without getting bred. I always go by the condition of the queen. That means one female may only have one litter a year and another could have 3 litters in a year. This decision is between a breeder and their vet.

Yes, We are a farm. We have farm animals and I also breed Giant Schnauzer livestock dogs. Read more about this on our ABOUT US page of our site.

I do understand there are some situations when a family has to declaw their pet and I would never judge someone for what they feel they needed to do. But de-clawing can cause many health and mental issues due to stress and so our health guarantee is void when you declaw your pet. Therefor you should only de claw if you must do it. If you must de-claw, please leave the back claws so the cat has some way to defend itself if it gets outside. Get scratching posts for your cat and take the time to TRAIN it and you may never have any issues at all with your pet wanting to claw the corners of your sofa or kneading your leg with claws out.

You wont find any where else that will guarantee health of your kitten for 5 years! I do not give a long confusing guarantee. Its short and to the point. Please visit our HEALTH GUARANTEE PAGE OF OUR SITE TO SEE FULL GUARANTEE.

There are so many scams out there that it can be hard to know who is real and who isn’t. If you do a google search on Maine Coon Kittens For Sale you see many scam sites that look legit, these scam sites pay for high ranking with the search engines. They are mixed in with legit breeders on your online search. Please visit our DON’T GET SCAMMED page of our site for all our advice on this subject.