Maine coon Grooming

There is nothing more beautiful than a fully dressed Maine Coon with a luxurious coat with all the furnishings, such as fluffy mane and tail. But unless you want a patchy unkept looking pet, I suggest regular grooming. This is also important for the bonding between you and your feline friend. It teaches trust and submissiveness if done the right way. Their long fur requires more upkeep than other types of cats so this breed of feline needs to be brushed out 2-3 times a week. In addition to the usual monthly pet grooming practices, such as cutting nails and cleaning ears, you’ll have to go a few steps farther to make your Maine Coon happy and healthy.

Here are our top tips to make grooming your furbaby quicker and easier, including our favorite products and tools required for a healthy, show-worthy coat. PLEASE start the essential grooming habits early on with your kitten so he/she does not give you or your professional groomer trouble with it later in life.

1. Prevent Matting with Strategic Combing

Maine Coon cats have several areas on their bodies that are prone to matted fur, such as around their armpits and behind their ears, and on neck area, they are likely to suffer from irritation and infections if the matting isn’t prevented in the first place. Brushing through the entire coat 2-3 times a week is a key part of taking care of your Maine Coon cat. Comb through the coat with a wide, metal comb, like  Chris Christensens’s 013 Cat Comb, this will make your grooming session easier and increase your cat’s comfort. You may also want to get a de shedding come to also use. Such as GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake for Cats & Dogs

Suggested product:  Chris Christensen 013 Cat Comb

2. Eliminate Dirt Buildup with Bi-Monthly or Monthly Baths

Maine Coons have long fur that lock in dirt, so they’re in greater need of regular bathing compared to other breeds with shorter fur. Washing their fur every 4-8 weeks is an essential part of tending to your Maine Coon cat; remove matts, wet the coat and clean it with a gentle, moisturizing shampoo or one that matches his or her fur color to restore and enhance natural color tones. You can use bathing wipes in-between baths. Do not give your Maine Coon a bath any more than once a month unless absolutely necessary.

3. Cut Away Grease with Powder

In-between baths if hair gets greasy looking you can use powder. Treating greasy fur regularly is a critical part of catering to your Maine Coon cat; dust your feline with powder from time to time to facilitate your grooming session and soften your cat’s fur if needed.

Suggested product: Baby powder

4. Treat Tear Stains with Anti-Bacterial Stain Free Products

Tear staining can be seen sometimes on lighter colored cats. You can manage bacteria build up and discoloration by applying a topical treatment. If your kitty has a lot of crusty debris along with staining, first wash the face with a facial cleanser, such as Eye Envy Tear Stain Facial Cleanser. Then apply Eye Envy Tear Stain Solution for Cats, this contains a natural antibacterial, which will treat the cause of the staining. For best results use a pad like the  Gentle Applicator Pad with a waffle-like texture which is non-irritating and gently exfoliates the area. Then follow up with Eye Envy Tear Stain Powder – this will absorb and repel the tear before it soaks into the fur. For ease of application and your cat’s comfort, we suggest using a small brush.

5. Smooth Fur / De-shed Undercoat

An essential part of grooming is maintaining a healthy coat while also limiting shedding. This is best achieved by using a slicker brush with high grade steel pins. (Make sure to brush lightly as to not poke the skin). Some are sharp on the ends and if you poke your cat then you will have difficulty grooming him/her again. This will penetrate the fur deeply and remove the undercoat without creating any damage. Brush the coat deeply with a brush like  Chris Christensen Mark II Slicker Brush, until the undercoat has come out.

6. Sanitary Cut

Maine Coons have long, thick coats, including long strands of fur that surround their anuses; owners need to trim this area with a shear like the  Show Gear Classic Balltip, so their cats’ feces don’t come in contact with their fur. Trimming their backside area and ensuring a high quality of sanitation are crucial parts of increasing your cat’s quality of life, so cut long fur away from the derrière to avoid messes and ease your cat’s litter box usage.

Suggested product:  Show Gear Classic Balltip

7. Styling the Coat

Some owners like to trim their Maine Coon’s fur into a special style, such as the lion cut. This is up to the owner’s personal preference. I would seek a professional groomer if you decide to actually shave the coat of your cat. Many feel shaving a cat is not appropriate, or can cause the immune system to lower. Do your research and use a groomer you trust. Never cut the hair on your cat’s face. The whiskers and face hair must stay on any cat. A cat with cut whiskers will become disoriented and scared. “If you cut them, that’s like blindfolding someone, taking away one of their ways of identifying what’s in their environment,” says veterinarian Jane Brunt.

8. Clean Out Ears

When you give your cat a bath make sure to use an ear wash agent and clean out the ears. Always taking care not to put anything solid deep in the ear and always dry out the ear 100% so as to not cause an ear infection.

Suggested product: Baby powder

9. Nail Clipping

Having several scratching posts and scratching toys is a good plan to help file down the nails naturally. I have seen people put sand paper down in front of their pet’s food bowls and litter boxes to help file them down regularly. You will still need to cut the nails with appropriate cat nail clippers to keep them shorter and paw pets electric nail buffers work really well to. You can also get the rubber nail guard tips to place on the nails to keep them from damaging your furniture.

Suggest products:

10. Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a real treat for your cat. The pet tooth paste is extra yummy and your cat will enjoy the gum massage once he gets use to having something put in his mouth. Start out slow and just a moment or two with allowing your cat to just lick the pet tooth paste off the brush. In time you gradually get him to allow for a deeper longer cleaning. You do not have to get every tooth, every time you brush your pets teeth. Remember to always keep it a short sweet, and always positive experience. As your cat gets older you may discuss with your vet descaling the teeth if that becomes needed as an adult. Did you know: A lot of kidney disease in cats is from infections of the teeth and gums… So keep your Maine Coon living a long healthy life by taking a moment a couple times a week to clean those pearly whites. Feeding a high quality dry kibble will also help clean those teeth.

Suggest products:

11. Diet as to Coat

Just as your own diet and supplements help with your own nail and hair growth, and overall look of health, the same is true for your Maine Coon. Only feed a high-quality dry food that is high in protein. We feed our adults raw. Kittens need a more complete diet so u know they are getting ALL the nutrients they need for proper development. There for our kittens are raised on Life’s Abundance ALL LIFES STAGES Dry Cat Food and that is what we recommend, with also giving Life’s Abundance canned food as a supplemental treat each day. Look on NUTRITION page for more info. I would suggest ordering the starter pack and add in some cans of their wet food as well. Here is link to starter pack: LIFES ABUNDANCE STARTER PACK.