"The Country Difference"

Maine Coon Kittens for sale from Health tested, larger sized, European and U.S. bloodlines, here in the heart of the United States, (shipping / delivery options are available if you can not come in person). We live on 120+ acres of beautiful Midwestern country side.

The Maine Coon is an exceptionally smart breed that does excellent being walked on harness / leash when you take the time to train them to do so. Here at Maine Coon Country we only keep a handful of kitties so each one gets the attention and love they deserve, and we can devote our full attention to raising well socialized kittens. All parents live in our family home as well as having access to the outside, in a protected area. We provide a very large, totally enclosed, outside area, where our adult Maine Coons can play to their hearts content safely. This outdoor feline paradise has lots of climbing structures and high perches for their overall wellbeing. This allows them exercise for the best physical health, which is our first priority in our breeding program. A cat that has lots of mental stimulation and a full view of the world, is mentally healthier, and we believe a happier Maine Coon has happier, healthier, kittens. They do spend most their time in our home, where we shower them with love and affection. They sleep in our beds with us, and potty in a litter box, or our toilet, yes toilet, see Potty Training page for details.

The Maine Coon is unique and amazing amongst all cat breeds. Many say they are like a dog in a cat’s body. This is because Coonies will follow you around your house, love to play fetch, and tend to bond very easily. They LOVE attention. I have imported in the larger sized, (European), Maine Coons that have the bigger cat, (lion like), features. Too many American lines are downsized and have smaller rounder features. To see the type we breed, please visit our OUR CATS pages to see our moms and dads.

ALL our adults are health tested and approved by our vet for breeding. Our kittens are raised IN OUR HOME, and are well loved, socialized, and come litter box trained. We have Maine Coon kittens for sale throughout the year from a few planned litters. When a litter is born it is posted on the KITTENS page of our site. We do take pre-birth deposits if you want to make sure to get notified of each birth and want to be one of the first to choose. Look over our website to learn more about the outstanding Maine Coon cat, and our breeding program. Then contact me if you have any questions after that.