Health Guarantee / Purchase Contract

When you fill out the online PURCHASE CONTRACT FORM it will ask if you have read and agree with this guarantee page, and the terms of service page, along with our full website in its entirety. An answer of YES is considered your agreement in full to this contract.

Our first priority is the welfare and happiness of each of our kittens… Please CALL US by phone, before you fill out any form or send any money, so we can discuss your intentions. We will also need your info sent to us as a hard copy. Therefor we ask the potential Buyer to fill out an online purchase form, that asks about your home life, and then I the Breeder will decide if Buyer would be a good fit for our kittens. Most new owners are approved very easily. We just want to be sure our Maine Coon kittens are going to loving forever homes. Please consider getting two kittens if at all possible. Two kittens together, adjust to a new home much quicker and have each other for play and mental stimulation throughout their life. We do give a $200 discount if you get two (pet) kittens. In many cases a family can only have one kitten, which is fine as well. If only receiving one kitten, please take the extra time to make the kitten welcome in your home. Training and socializing in a positive way IS A MUST.

Deposits: There is no refund of deposit for any reason, other than, (if you are on our deposit list for an extended time, of over 12 months, and have not been “offered a kitten”). After that time, you can ask for your deposit back or you can choose to remain on list. Usually, the wait is never that long, but I like to cover all bases… If you are more flexible on what you want, (sex and or color), you may get a kitten immediately if we have that available to offer you. We will offer you a kitten meeting your preference’s up to 3 times. After that, deposit is forfeited and buyer is taken off our deposit list. If you change your mind on getting a current or future kitten from us, your deposit is forfeited. If you choose a kitten and then change your mind on getting that specific kitten YOUR DEPOSIT IS FORFEITED.

Remedy if kitten gets sick or dies before transfer: If something happens to a chosen kitten before you receive it, that causes it to be unfit for sale, you will be put back on our deposit list for future kittens or can choose a different available kitten. Read the PURCHASE PROCESS page of our site for more on this and for the TERMS OF SERVICE you are also agreeing to.

Buyer Responsibility: Kittens can leave at 12 to 13 wks of age. All our kittens are seen by our vet before leaving and certified healthy. Kitten must be seen by Buyer’s vet within 3 business days of transfer. If Buyer’s vet finds anything wrong with said kitten, (at this first vet visit), that would make kitten unfit for sale, Buyer may return the kitten, (at Buyers expense), within 5 business days. Buyer will then be put back on deposit list for a future kitten. Buyer agrees to keep kitten up to date on all recommended vaccines and parasite prevention throughout its entire life. Buyer agrees to have the said cat as a IN DOOR pet only, not an outside cat.

Shipping: Shipping, if needed, is offered as a curtesy by breeder and is at the Buyer’s expense. Any shipping mishaps are responsibility of Buyer. Many Buyers like to pick their kitten up in person for this reason. We can meet you at our home or at Kansas City, MO airport. Look at PURCHASE PROCESS page for full details and cost. If flying Cargo, Airlines offer an “insurance” add on that is $10 for each $1000 needed for loss or damage from (airline neglect). Ground transport does not cover for any losses or damage. Of course, if you choose our white glove service, we will hand deliver your kitten to you ourself, so kitten is covered for the trip to you, since he/she never leaves our site. Again, please read the PURCHASE PROCESS page for full details.

5 Year Guarantee: After the initial vet visit at Buyer’s vet, Kitten is guaranteed by Breeder, to be free of any genetic disorder that will cause the early death of the pet with life of 5 or less years. Example is a grade 4 heart murmur. If the cat dies from the ailment, or has to be euthanized for a genetic ailment, at or before 5 yrs of age, Breeder will then give Buyer a free kitten, (as long as Breeder is still breeding and has kittens to offer). Any necropsy to prove disorder, or lab tests must be done by a state lab or specialty vet and not your pet’s in house pet vet. Buyer must send breeder the results and reports for breeder’s vet to look over and agree or disagree with said findings. Breeder’s vet must agree with vet report and testing findings for breeder to replace the kitten. All lab / vet, reports and testing need to have the cat’s microchip number listed on it. If no microchip then there is no proof it is the said purchased cat.

Limits of Guarantee: No guarantees against typical things kittens can pick up anywhere such as any parasites or infections or viruses. Or on any treatable non-life threatening issues. All our kittens are sold as PET QUALITY. No guarantee on adult size, color, or temperament. If breeding rights/full registration papers are given the kitten is not promised to end up breeding quality or to breed and produce offspring, or to be show quality. If you adopt a kitten with breeding rights, then you will receive your full registration cat club papers at or soon after kitten is transferred to you. Breeding the cat voids this guarantee. This does mean a kitten purchased for breeding is only guaranteed for health until you breed him/her. Reason is breeding can open your cat up to many health issues because it is a burden physically to be pregnant, not to mention the stress of the biological urges intact cats have. Males and females are prone to interact with other cats more if not desexed, either fighting or mating, which can cause health issues you would not have ever seen if the cat was spayed/neutered. There are possible cancers and infections that can happen if not spayed/neutered. If kitten is bought as a (pet), buyer agrees to spay / neuter animal at 6 mths of age. If (pet) kitten is not neutered at 6 mths of age then this health guarantees is void. If bought as a (pet) kitten, you will receive the limited registration cat club papers once you provide proof of spay / neuter of your kitten. Not keeping up with regular vet visits, vaccines, or parasite prevention voids this guarantee. There are diseases your cat can get from other cats. If your cat tests positive for any communicable disease this guarantee is void, since this disease is an underlying cause of immune suppression in your cat. Declawing your cat voids this guarantee. Any neglected cat that has not been well cared for is prone to health issues and this would void the guarantee. Any cat sold as a RETIRED CAT is sold as an adult and sold “AS IS” with no guarantee at all, but can be returned on a relinquishing basis, if it doesn’t work out in your home. Poor quality feeding can cause obesity and or major medical issues in your cat. Therefore, Cat must be kept on recommended kitten/cat Life’s Abundance food and Nuvet Supplements for the duration of the 5 year guarantee time. Any treats need to be all natural, meat only treats. Any change in food must have breeders written consent. 5 year Health Guarantee is void and ends the very day the breeder stops breeding cats and no longer has kittens to offer for replacement on an exercised claim, even if this is within the 5 years of said health guarantee.

Remedy: Remedy would be a free kitten. We never ask you to return your first pet to us. Since we are bio-secure no animal can be brought into our home without quarantine at a different location for weeks, and we would not take your pet from you for any reason. If you must rehome your pet and cannot find someone local to take him/her, we will gladly take said cat back after a quarantine at a different location has been finished. Buyer would be giving pet back on a relinquishing basis, and so would not be responsible for the quarantine bill. If buyer chooses to receive a replacement kitten, then Buyer agrees to pay for shipping if that is needed. Breeder will choose the free kitten which will be a PET ONLY and will be desexed before transfer. If buyer refuses said kitten, no other kittens will be offered and it will be assumed buyer has chosen to have no remedy.

Kittens leaving with full registration: Please read limits of guarantee above. No guarantees on quality or breed ability. If Buyer is approved for full registration, and for kitten to remain intact for possible breeding one day, then full registration is given at or soon after kitten transfer to buyer. We offer PET quality kittens, and so even if you get full papers it does not mean your kitten will grow up to be a great quality breeding or show cat. Too many factors beyond our control after transfer for us to be able to guarantee that.

Kittens leaving as (pets): All kittens leave with spay / neuter agreed to buy buyer. Limited registration can be provided after proof of kitten spay /  neuter at 6 mths is given to breeder. All vet reports MUST have the kittens microchip number typed into the report itself by your vet, showing it is the very kitten you received from this breeder.

Cattery Name on Registration: If Buyer decides to register kitten with a cat registry; Buyer agrees to Keep “Maine Coon Country’s” as the prefix of any registered name of their cat. Example of this if your cat’s name is Sassy: “Maine Coon Country’s Sassy” … If buyer fails to keep this as first part of the kitten’s registered name, Breeder can and will revoke the registration. And this will also void the Health Guarantee / Purchase Contract. You should be proud of the work and time us the Breeder has involved in providing you with a loving, healthy, companion, We feel if you are not proud enough to have our cattery on your kittens license and pedigree, then you are wanting to cut all ties with us and consider it a breach of contract.

Failure on the Buyers part to follow through with the terms of this agreement / contract, will void the Health Guarantee / Purchase Contract in its entirety, and Breeder will be under no obligation to provide a remedy if guarantee is exercised.

I the Breeder promise to be here for you, the Buyer throughout your Maine Coons life. I am available to talk if you ever have any issues or concerns arise. Make sure to read over our full website that is packed full of breed information.

The TERMS OF SERVICE page – located on our PURCHASE PROCESS page of our website is also part of this PURCHASE CONTRACT / GUARANTEE, you are agreeing to both pages, as well as ALL other pages of our website when you fill out our Purchase form and send your first payment.

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