Don’t Get scammed!

There are so many scams out there that it can be hard to know who is real and who isn’t. If you do a google search on Maine Coon Kittens For Sale you see many scam sites that look legit, these scam sites pay for high ranking with the search engines. They are mixed in with legit breeders on your online search. Here are some things you can do to be safe:

  1. You can check to see if the breeder is listed on the cat registry site, (the registry they say their cats are registered with), as one of their registered breeders. We are registered with TICA Cat Registry and pay for a spot on their breeder list.
  2. NEVER send anyone money without knowing for sure they actually have the kitten. If they only show one photo of the kitten on their website then its probably not legit. If they seem to have one kitten of every color possible on their site then they are probably not legit. That is a strong indication they are fishing for those to scam by offering a vast selection of baits. A reputable breeder will only have one or two litters at a time and colors within a litter tend to be close to the same. So if they have reds, blacks, silvers, bi-colors, and smoke and solid, and every pattern available… they are probably fake.
  3. If they tell you that you cannot see the kitten in person before placing a deposit then they are probably not legit. Many will have excuses like “you can get the kitten sick”, but there is no reason they couldn’t set up a time for you to see the kitten outside their house. Possibly in their front yard. We do this and just ask for you not to touch the kitten until it has been vaccinated.
  4. If your not local you can ask the breeder to send you a video or photo of the kitten with a piece of paper in the shot with YOUR name on it. If they actually have the kitten then chances are they are not out to lie and steal your money. Videos are excellent in showing you your actual kitten’s looks. Since a photo can be edited in color and even sizing but its almost impossible to do that on a video.
  5. If a breeder tells you that you have to pay a deposit and then wait a few days for them to do paperwork before pick up then they might be a scam. There is no reason why you couldn’t go and see kitten and pay in full at pick up, they just can’t reserve or hold a kitten without a deposit. But there is NO PAPERWORK that takes any longer than a couple minutes to fill out. They should already have everything ready to go if kittens are old enough to leave.
  6. If the breeder has been around for years then they should have a list of past buyers reviews with contact info so you can make sure they are real past buyers. We are just started to offer kittens in 2023, so we will post reviews as we have them come in.
  7. If the breeder is asking very little for the kitten or for shipping then too good to be true IS too good to be true… Smaller cats that are mainly American type lines are cheaper… but if the kitten is under $1000 then it may not be legit. European lines which tend to be the bigger cats with more of a Lion or panther face structure are up around $2500 to $9000 depending on breeder. Sometimes the amount they ask for shipping doesn’t seem right… I have seen scammers say its $250 and they hand deliver it, that is NOT LEGIT. Shipping is at least $300. That is the cheapest flight possible, and that’s before adding the vet check, crate, and other fees associated with flying. Ground transporters ask around $650 but they tend to have other animals along also transporting to make trip worth it. We can have kitten delivered with our white glove service by us directly to you if wanted as well. That starts at $650 and final cost depends on where you live.
  8. One scam that has been going for a while is they ask you to pay for shipping and then after they get that money from you, they say there are extra fees like kitten needs a bigger crate or something like that. Another scam is one where they say they are not a breeder, but have these kittens that they cannot keep, and you only need to pay for shipping… Again, too good to be true is just that. One I had two different people try on me is: The kitten is available and ready to leave now, but you need to send a deposit, even if you are coming to pick it up in person today. Another one told me I need to pay and then come two days later to pick up kitten. Again, if kitten is ready that day, you shouldn’t have to send any money at all! You should be able to bring full amount in cash at pickup. If kitten is too young to leave, they should be fine with you coming to their home to see that the kitten does exist, or at least to send you a video of kitten with a paper in video with your name and date on it.