About Us

We offer home raised, well socialized, healthy Maine Coon kittens that come with an extensive health guarantee. The parents are health tested, and many imported to bring in more genetics with the larger wilder, lion like look. We can transport your Maine Coon kitten to you, but prefer pick up in person from our family home in MO, if possible.

We have started with Maine Coon breeding in 2023, so are relatively new to the cat enthusiast world. I however am not new to the breed itself, having them throughout my childhood and adult life. I can tell you they are such remarkable pets to have. I have had other cat breeds on and off throughout my life and I have to say the Maine Coon really does stand out as being very different. They will follow you around the house as your constant shadow. Will wake you up first thing in morning at same time demanding breakfast. In fact they crave attention. At this very moment as I’m typing this I have 2 Maine Coons trying to walk on my keyboard to get my full attention. They want to be pet, played with, and pretty much take over your lap if your sitting on the sofa watching a movie. They also self sooth very well with climbing happily up and down cat trees / cat walks, perching to sun bathe in windows, and playing with various cat toys alone, as well as with other cats and people.

I actually started my pet career with canines. I showed and championed out many dogs in AKC conformation through out the years, and had a kennel for many years. At the moment we only keep a few working dogs for our farm and do not show in conformation anymore. Our farm also has Peafowl that you will see dancing in the spring and summer months, with all their brilliant plumage, if you come visit that part of year. We also raise beef cattle so are busy on the farm with working them or bailing hay in the summer and fall. We are a Christian, god fearing household and spend several hours each month in the volunteer ministry as well as weekly bible studies.  Being such a busy farm family, we ask that you call and leave a message or text and have patients for us to get back with you when we get back into the house. We usually reply within 24 hrs. We also ask that you only call 9 am to 9 pm CST, (Central Standard Time), because our sleep and family time is short and precious to us so we can be fully alert to answer any and all of your questions when we do talk. Of coarse if there is ever an emergency with your kitten you received from us you can call me 24/7.

If you have read over our site you can see a lot about what we feel is important for this breed, as we repeat it a lot through out the site. The Breed Health is the number one most important thing, because if the cat looks perfect conformation wise, that really doesn’t matter, if it has a bad genetic disorder you could have checked for… So any breeder must do genetic health testing for the core cat diseases before breeding any cat. Next we are looking for larger overall size, a lion like face and mane with luxurious coat, when we look for adults to raise up for our breeding program. Not all Maine Coons are equal in their body and face shape and overall fur type. Many lines here in the US are actually bred smaller in size and more of a house cat appearance. We import most our cats from over seas because you can get bigger nicer shaped. wilder looking cats with the bigger lion or tiger features and exceptional large ears and ear tufts. We import and breed the best, so you can get a better Maine Coon right here in the US. We are located near Archie, MO, and shipping and delivery options are available if needed. More info on this on the PURCHASE PROCESS page.

Our children have grown up with all our pets and farm animals and now being teenagers, are an even greater help on the home stead. Each kitten is raised by our entire family, each one taking a part in the chores as well as the playing and socializing of them. If you would like to come visit, please first read the PURCHASE PROCESS page to see what is involved in a visit to our home, and then call or text me to discuss and plan it.

Thank you so much for considering a Maine Coon Country kitten.   Tina – Maine Coon Country